If you are visiting our blog, you are probably well aware that we provide grants to teachers to aid in the purchase and maintenance of classroom pets.  But do you know why we do this?


We here at Pets in the Classroom see the benefits of pets in our own lives, and especially in the lives of the students who are impacted by our grant.  Studies have proven that having classroom pets helps teach children responsibility, stimulate learning, build a child’s self esteem, and even improve school attendance!  And we don’t just see evidence of this in studies, we get first-hand accounts from teachers.  We repeatedly receive letters, pictures, emails, and Facebook and other social media comments from grant recipients who have seen the positive effect a classroom pet has had on their students.  One little pet can help shy kids open up, slower readers build confidence, rough children become nurturing, and uninterested students have a new desire for learning.


Not every student gets to experience the joys and benefits of pets in their home life.  And not every teacher has the budget or extra cash to spend on investing in a classroom pet.  This is why Pets in the Classroom exists – to aid teachers in providing the opportunity of pet care and the benefits that stem from it to their students.


If you are not a teacher, but recognize the importance of classroom pets, please consider supporting the Pet Care Trust and the Pets in the Classroom program. We strive to continue to provide these grants to teachers, and need support to do so.  Learn more by visiting https://www.petsintheclassroom.org/donate/.

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