The new school year has started which means classroom pets are making their way into schools across the country! Here are just a few of the four-legged friends that are making the classroom environment a little more friendly thanks to the Pets in the Classroom grant program.

Lucy and Lola _ Handley Baptist Christian Academy _ 5 & 6
Lucy and Lola
Fancy Rats
5th and 6th grade
Handley Baptist Christian Academy
Fort Worth, TX
Evelyn Crisp's Steven the bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon
Fyfe Ruth ES Elementary School
Las Vegas, NV
Cuddles and Bubbles _ Bethune Community School in North Minneapolis_ K-5>Cuddles and Bubbles
Guinea Pigs
Pre-K through 5th grade science
Bethune Community School
North Minneapolis, MN
classroom pet
Guinea Pig
Middle School Classroom
Arrow Center for Education
Parkville, MD
If you are interested in getting a classroom pet, please visit our website to learn more about our teacher grant!  If you already have a classroom pet and would like to share your photo and story with us, please share on our Facebook page or on Instagram!

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