Did you know that Pets in the Classroom has provided over 50,000 grants to teachers,bringing classroom pets into the lives of over 2.5 million students?  We have been having record numbers of grant applicants year after and are so encouraged by the feedback we receive from teachers on how their classrooms have improved through these small animal friends.  Peruse our blog or take a look at our Facebook page and you will see story after story of the positive influence classroom pets have.  We want to continue to support these teachers in providing the benefits these animals have proven to offer.


The Pets in the Classroom grant program is supported by some wonderful organizations and businesses, but also by people who believe that animals provide opportunities for educational, emotional, and social growth when placed in the school setting.  As we gear up for the New Year, we would like you to consider helping us continue to provide these opportunities to teachers by donating to our StartSomeGood crowdfunding campaign.  No amount is too small as we seek to raise $60,000 in order to reach 27,000 more students.


To learn more or to donate, visit http://startsomegood.com/Venture/pets_in_the_classroom.


“My students come from very poor, rough neighborhoods and homes. When school first started six weeks ago, I had to write multiple referrals per day for violent acts. Since Ella the Guinea Pig came to share our classroom, I have not [had] any violent acts and the noise level has gone way down because they don’t want her to be frightened. They beg their families to let them bring a carrot stick from home or they ask me if they can save part of their lunch to share with her. The best part is watching the empathy they developed for Ella begin to transfer to their peers. Ella has done something in four weeks that I may or may not have been able to do all year.”

Marie Roberts, Prime Prep Academy, Fort Worth, Texas


“A phenomenal opportunity to bring a pet into our 7th grade science classroom. There were many opportunities throughout the year to reinforce responsible pet ownership along with the understanding of maintaining a license to own our corn snake. The students watched him grow and became a companion to many students. It was inspiring to watch the students, at first apprehensive, become much more understanding of the gentleness of a snake. It is absolutely beautiful.”

Mr. Josh Langenberger, Howell Memorial Middle School, Freehold, NJ

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