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That when it comes to educational engagement, empathy building, character development, and community enhancement, teachers are seeing significant value in having classroom pets?

Here’s what a few teachers are saying:

Meg Basker
Mishawaka, IN

I teach in an inner city school, where there are many kids suffering from academic, social and emotional difficulties. Having a classroom pet for the students to take care of and love has helped many of these children. I think that the biggest benefit of having…

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Jennifer Rescigno
& her 6th grade math/science classes

Please accept my sincere thanks for granting us money to have bearded dragons in our classroom.  My students and I are extremely grateful and excited to care for these animals.  These pets have already brought us such joy each…

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Karry Walgamott
4th Grade Teacher

I wanted to thank you for the grant that has allowed me to have a bearded dragon in my classroom.  I was very excited to get the grant and to go learn all about a new creature.  My students were even more surprised and amazed by this generous gift…

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Jill Delaney

Students enjoyed visiting the pets as they checked out their library books. The pets help make our school library a warm, happy place. Some students were given special time observing the pets as a reward for good behavior. In particular, this was very helpful for one of…

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Kathy Dillon-Dowd
Carter Elementary

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the grant to establish an aquarium in my kindergarten classroom.  Young ones love class pets, and this grant will provide fish for them.  It will also provide an opportunity for the children to learn pet care first…

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Shelley Falk
4th Grade Teacher
Traut Core Knowledge School

Before receiving the wonderful gift of our bearded dragon, Rip van Winkle, I wasn’t sure a grant program existed for classroom pets. I am so glad I investigated! Caring for Rip has made a tremendous impact on my fourth graders. I have seen a marked increase in their level of responsibility…

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Here’s what their students are saying:

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