We receive so many great letters from teachers who want to express their appreciation for the grant money they receive from Pets in the Classroom.  Here are a few we want to share with you…


Thank you so much for your generous donation of $100.00 towards acquiring a pet for my classroom. 


I am a fourth grade teacher of science to 66 students and I knew I wanted them to have the experience of caring for, observing, and learning about pet care.  Thanks to your generous donation our class now are the proud owners of two fire belly toads named Kermit and Kerbie.  We are all truly enjoying the experience.


The students are completely enthralled with the class pets and I must admit I am too!


Michele Mastriana

Wolf Hill School

Oceanport, NJ


Dear Pets in the Classroom:


I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for helping to support my science lab classroom pets.  Because of your grant program we were able to add a gecko habitat to our lab.  The grant also helped pay for the upkeep of our existing animals in our room.  I firmly believe that having live animals in our room greatly enhances the enthusiasm and learning experience. We have two special scientists each week who help care for the animals and love on them.  Needless to say, this is a very coveted job!  As a class, we often get them out to compare characteristics, needs, habitats, etc.  The animals provide such an engagement and impact piece that mere pictures or movies could not possibly duplicate.


Thanks again,


Amy Frost

Science Lab teacher

Heusner Elementary

Salina, KS


Thank-you so much for this opportunity to upgrade the animal habitats in my classroom.  The children were so thrilled to see the large new tank for our lizard!  Jellybean the lizard is living like a queen!  In these difficult financial times with school budgets cut so low, this funding was really helpful.


The children in my class receive endless benefits from caring for our fish and our lizard.  In our efforts to better care for our lizard we bought a small cricket box and are trying to breed meal worms.  This is serious invertebrate excitement!  We are looking forward to seeing the lifecycle of the mealworms come full circle.


Thank-you for all you are doing to support pets in the classroom!




Sabrina Carlson

Flagstaff, Arizona



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