We hear first-hand from teachers about the many benefits of classroom pets.  And there are many.  We provide grants to teachers to purchase classroom pets because these benefits better the lives of students as well as the teacher in ways that might not be possible without our grant for financial support.  Just take a look…


Thank you very much for your $50 grant to Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota in support of aquarium expenses at our Hilltop After-School Program.  As most of the children in our program attend free or at reduced fees, we appreciate opportunities to enhance our program activities with philanthropic support. 


The children enjoy learning about the fish in the aquarium and are eager to learn how to care for them properly.  Many of the children in our program have spent most of their lives in refugee camps, so this is their first experience with caring for a pet.


We appreciate your ongoing support.  Thank you!


Kathy Bangasser

Grant Officer

Lutheran Social Services



Dear Pets in the Classroom,


Thank you so much for the reimbursement for our hamster, fish and crayfish supplies.  Our class is very excited to finally have a filter to ensure we no longer have a tank that smells bad and looks murky.


Having pets in the classroom teaches the students so many lessons from responsibility to learning science concepts such as predator/prey, genetics & heredity, habitats & biomes, and natural selection. 


Funding for our classroom animals has always comes out of my pocket and I am so appreciative of this grant for your help.


Thank You,


Kayla Heimann

Lexington Local Schools

5/6 Grade Science Teacher



Thank you very much for the $150.00 dollar grant for my classroom.  We are now able to have a snake in our classroom for hands on experiences and observations thanks to your grant.  I teach 1st grade and have used my classroom animals to help integrate the Standards in Science, Reading, Writing, and Math.  I have developed units of study to teach with my classroom animals and outside animals to bring real world connections into the classroom and to help teach higher level thinking skills to my students.  We have many reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs and fish in the classroom to make this possible.  Your grant has given us a snake to enhance our learning.  Because I pay for my animals out of my pocket, I truly appreciate your grant money. 


Dawn Slinger

Farmington Elementary School


It is such a pleasure to be able to provide grants to teachers! If you want to help us support these teachers, please consider donating to our program.  You can choose to sponsor a specific teacher or school, or donate to the program in general.  Let’s continue to provide teachers with the help they need in providing the valuable resource of classroom pets!


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