classroom pet ratDespite whatever rumors you’ve heard about these furry creatures, rats are a great candidate to consider for your new classroom pet.  Unlike their wild ancestors, pet rats are clean, social, and a ton of fun to observe. Pets in the Classroom has awarded many grants to teachers to have a rat as a classroom pet!


These rats don’t need a lot of space, but they do like their cage to be filled with fun.  Because they’re such intelligent creatures, rats need toys and cage furniture to keep them constantly stimulated.  Let your students help out with making and installing cage accessories.  Whether they’re strategically placing climbing ropes throughout the cage or coming up with new homemade toys, they’ll have lots of fun creating an active environment for their classroom pet.


Cleaning the cage once a week is important to your rat’s health, but as long as they’ve got food, exercise, and stimulation your pet rat is likely to live a long and happy life.  Putting students in charge of feeding their pet is great way to promote responsibility.  They’ll learn their rat’s personal likes and dislikes and have the opportunity to use fresh fruits and vegetables to help train their new friend.


Domesticated rats have been around since the late nineteenth century, and continue to be selectively bred for looks and temperament.  They love to spend time with their owners playing, being handled, and learning new tricks.  Your class will be able to teach their rat how to come when called, sit or stand on command, and any other fun tricks that they can think of.


Incorporating your pet rat into the curriculum will be a cinch.  These furry companions are extremely active for creative classroom learning.  It’s the perfect pet for the classroom, as rats enjoy learning new tricks and exploring new things.  Consider a rat as your classroom pet and let the fun, action, and learning begin.

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