Congratulations to the Winners of Our Lesson Plan Contest!

Download the winning 2019 entries:

Small Animal/Bird Lesson Plans

Pre-K-2nd: Elaine Deardoff Rabbit
3rd-5th:  Johanna Vander Wilt Hedgehog
6th-8th: Stephanie Montefinese Guinea Pig

Reptile/Amphibian Lesson Plans

Pre-K-2nd: Julie Weaver Gecko
3rd-5th: Kandis Torch Bearded Dragon
6th-8th: Jennifer Cole Bearded Dragon

Aquarium/Fish Lesson Plans

Pre-K-2nd:  Jennifer Engel Fish
3rd-5th: Emily Cook Fish
6th-8th: Paula Jewell Fish

Download the winning 2018 entries:

Small Animal/Bird

Pre-K-2nd: Amanda Foster – Hamster 2A and 2B
3rd-5th: Kelly Stearns – Guinea Pig
6th-8th: Alexandra Vasile – Guinea Pig


Pre-K-2nd: Jennifer Holley – Bearded Dragon
3rd-5th: Kristin Whiting – Bearded Dragon
6th-8th: Tracie Miller-Lewis – Bearded Dragon


Pre-K-2nd: Shari Schwartz – Fish
3rd-5th: Terri Storms – Fish
6th-8th: Russ Allen – Fish

Download the winning 2017 entries:

Small Animal/Bird

Pre-K-2nd: Niki Rowland – Guinea Pig
3rd-5th: Mandy Hopper – Guinea Pig
6th-8th: Kenny Coogan – Guinea Pig


Pre-K-2nd: Loni Butlin – Turtle
3rd-5th: Diane Albanez – Reptile/Amphibian
6th-8th: Bonnie Sue Bastin – Frog


Pre-K-2nd: Tracey Grossi – Fish
3rd-5th: Laura Rakowski-Cole – Fish
6th-8th: Bennett Colvin – Fish

Download the winning 2016 entries:

Small Animal/Bird

Pre-K-2nd: Elizabeth Dupra – Rabbit
3rd-5th: Catherine Kenny – Rat
6th-8th: Bonnie Sue Bastin – Guinea Pig/Hamster


Pre-K-2nd: Malarie Dauginikas – Fish
3rd-5th: Myra Stout – Hermit Crab
6th-8th: Krisha Goodney – Fish


Pre-K-2nd: Jaime Ellis – Bearded Dragon
3rd-5th: Kandis Torch – Bearded Dragon
6th-8th: Chris Livingstone – Snake

Download the winning 2015 entries:

Pre-K to 2nd GradeEmily Colwell and Michelle Colby, “Gerbils in the Willow Room”
3rd to 5th GradeSandra Schroeder, “Mystery: What is that in the Hermit Crab Habitat”
6th to 8th GradeCarol Mickus, “Coral Reefs in the Classroom”

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