Pets in the Classroom Teacher Lesson Plans – Agreement

To download Pets in the Classroom teacher lesson plans, simply read the following disclaimer, click the box to acknowledge your agreement with the disclaimer, and click on the “click here to continue” box.  You will then have full access to teacher-submitted lesson plans.

By visiting and using this Pets in the Classroom website you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

The information displayed on this site is provided voluntarily by the Pet Care Trust to the public in good faith so teachers can view examples of how to incorporate pets into their existing curriculums. The Pet Care Trust and their respective officers, employees, agents and Board members make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, efficacy, relevance, completeness or appropriateness of these curriculum examples which have been provided by third parties.This information is provided with the expectation that teachers will be responsible for making their own decisions on how students in their classrooms should be educated. The views, advice and recommendations provided by third parties does not necessarily reflect those of the Pet Care Trust.To responsibly enjoy a pet in your classroom follow these three steps:

1) Always provide hand sanitizer or instruct those who handle the pet, or anything inside the pet’s habitat to wash their hands immediately after contact.

2) Pets can never be placed in extreme temperatures, habitats or environments where the pet will struggle to breathe, eat, sleep, urinate or defecate.

3) Pets must always have access to shelter, food, water and appropriate temperatures in your classrooms.

I have read and agree to this disclaimer:


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