Pets in the Classroom is excited to announce our new partnership with Little Five Star to bring teachers a wonderful new resource on classroom pets!  Please read the press release for more information!





A Book with a Bite! Little Five Star Announces Gator, Gator, Second Grader Partnership with The Pet Care Trust’s ‘Pets in the Classroom’ Program


CHANDLER, AZ (October, 2014)—Celebrating the upcoming release of its newest science-based children’s book, Gator, Gator, Second Grader (Classroom Pet…Or Not?) by award-winning author Conrad J. Storad, Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications, Inc. is thrilled to announce a cross-promotional partnership with Pets in the Classroom and The Pet Care Trust.


Vibrantly illustrated by Alex Lopez, Storad’s latest picture book provides students and teachers with a clever educational resource designed to introduce animals into a learning environment. “The wonderful thing about publishing this book,” says Linda F. Radke, Five Star’s founder and president, “is that it helps children understand which pets are appropriate in a classroom while at the same time teaches them how to care for and respect all creatures large and small.”


“We are delighted to have this opportunity to co-promote Mr. Storad’s wonderful book and our grant program,” says Steve King, executive director of The Pet Care Trust. “Teachers and the thousands of students who benefit from daily contact with a classroom pet will immediately identify with the characters in this story, and we hope that many more teachers will be inspired to adopt a classroom pet as a result of the book’s enjoyable exploration of the learning opportunities that interacting with animals at school can present.”


Established in 1990, The Pet Care Trust is a nonprofit foundation established to help promote public understanding regarding the value of and right to enjoy companion animals, to enhance knowledge about companion animals through research and education, and to promote professionalism among members of the companion animal community. Through its Pets in the Classroom program, the Trust providespre-kindergartenthrough 8th grade teachers in the US and Canada with educational grants designed to assist them in funding a classroom pet and its needed supplies. Since 2010, the program has provided more than 50,000 classroom grants, with a desire to provide many thousands more.


“While classroom pets provide numerous educational, emotional and social benefits,” explains King,“many schoolteachers have very limited resources for the support of these animals. That’s exactly why The Pet Care Trust sponsors this direct, no-hassle funding opportunity, and we are pleased to partner with Five Star Publications, Inc. and Conrad Storad in furthering and promoting our efforts.”


Enjoying tremendous success, the Pets in the Classroom program has, to date, provided 1.44 million students nationwide with access to a classroom pet, and the program is growing. During the 2013-2014 school year alone, 12,327 grants were awarded to teachers in grades pre-K to 4th grade, reaching more than 308,000 students. “As children develop a personal connection with a classroom pet, they appreciate learning more about the animal kingdom,” says Radke, “and that’s where Five Star Publications comes in. A book like Gator, Gator, Second Grader is a fantastic resource now being featured on The Pet Care Trust’s website.”


Solidifying its partnership with the foundation, Five Star Publications, Inc. is actively seeking sponsors to accomplish an exciting goal—gifting a copy of Gator, Gator, Second Grader to every pre-K to 4th grade Pets in the Classroom grant recipient this school year. All sponsors will be recognized in Five Star’s promotional efforts. To help with this project, order personal copies of the book and/or learn more about Five Star Publications, Inc., which celebrates 29 years in business, email, call 480-940-8182 or visit To learn more about the Pets in the Classroom grant program and the benefits of classroom pets, visit



Linda F. Radke, President

Five Star Publications, Inc.

Phone: (480) 940-8182



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