Can you believe it? Summer is over and school is starting up again! There is a lot of extra hustle and bustle in the first few weeks, but preparing for your new or continuing classroom pet early is a great way to get a jump start on the school year.


To start fresh, you might want to update the plants in your fish aquarium or restock on filters for the year.  If you have hermit crabs, you may consider picking out a few new shells.  Each crab should be provided a few different options. Rats might require a few new chewable playthings, or you may want to pick up some fun new toys for your class bird.


Food is, of course, another important thing to consider when it comes to caring for your pet.  Whether it’s stocking up on fish food for the year or getting the hay, pellets, and fresh greens your small animal requires, we’ll help you meet your pet’s needs.  You may even want to look into buying some appropriate treats for your pet.  Kids will love being able to give their new friend a little something special every now and then.


Every year, teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their salaries on school supplies.  When you apply for a Pets in the Classroom grant, we’ll provide funding for your new friend and all of the required equipment.  If you already have a pet in your classroom, but need more supplies, remember you can request a sustaining grant via the website for your ongoing pet supply needs.




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