Summer for teachers means relaxing with your feet up and a complete vacation from school, right? We know that’s not true! As you wonderful teachers take a break from the classroom, but spend time revisiting your lesson plans and planning for the next school year, we hope you take time to enter our Pets in the Classroom Lesson Plan Contest!

Now through July 22nd, submit your lesson plan ideas to us that center around the use of small classroom pets. We will accept entries in the form of worksheets, photos, PP presentations, fliers, or any written lesson plans.  The winner of each category (PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8) will receive a $100 gift card!  We will be announcing the winners August 3rd.

We want to equip teachers with ideas and lesson plans that engage students in learning using classroom pets. And who better to provide that information than you, our creative teacher friends!  We will be sharing select entries with you, so stay tuned for some great lesson plan ideas and materials!

Rules: Each person who wishes to participate in the program shall submit a lesson plan; offer a suggestion or recommendation for a lesson plan (hereinafter “Submitter” ) relating to the use of Pets in the Classroom. Each lesson plan, suggestion and recommendation will be posted on the Pet Care Trust Website and may be viewed by Pet Care Trust, its employees, volunteers and outside third parties. In consideration therefore each Submitter acknowledges agrees and hereby grants the Pet Care Trust, its employees, volunteers, and each other submitter a non-exclusive license in perpetuity to view copy, revise, amend or utilize in any manner such lesson plan, suggestion or recommendation. Upon conclusion of the submission period, the Pet Care Trust will award three $100 gift cards to the three submissions.

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