Pets in the Classroom is now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year!  We are excited be able to provide pre-k through 9th grade teachers with funding to have classroom pets!

If you are applying for a Pets in the Classroom grant, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We accept grants from August 1 through June 1st each year. Our grants our NOT first-come, first served. If you meet the qualifications, you will receive a grant.  Many teachers mistakenly think they have a better chance of receiving a grant if they apply early; however, they sometimes end up having to switch their grant to a different animal because of allergies and other factors they were not aware of before school started. It’s best to wait until you are sure that the animal is the right fit for the classroom before you apply. Teachers often like to involve their students in the decision-making process as well, having students research and then vote on the best animal for their classroom. This is a great team-building project and helps foster a sense of ownership.
  • If you’ve received a Pets in the Classroom grant in the past, you are only eligible to apply for a SUSTAINING grant, which can be used to maintain your existing classroom pet. If you no longer have your original pet, you may use the sustaining grant towards a new pet and supplies. You may apply for this grant once every school year.
  • We are now accepting grants from 9th grade teachers as well!
  • Be sure to check your SPAM folder for communication from us.
  • The back-to-school season is very busy for us! It may take a little longer to get your coupons out to you. We appreciate your patience as we have a very small staff processing thousands of grants weekly!
  • Have questions about our grant program? Visit our FAQ page!

All of us at Pets in the Classroom wish you a wonderful new school year!


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