As you may have heard, Pets in the Classroom has provided grants to over 38,000 teachers!  We are so thankful that we are able to provides these grants to teachers and know that teachers are thankful too!  Just read a few of the notes we have received from teachers expressing their gratitude:


I would like to take a moment to thank the Pets in the Classroom Staff for all the effort and funding that has been provided in support of having pets in our classrooms.


I have witnessed the positive effects that having class pets can have on our students.  With your help and funding, I have been able to add a Rose Tarantula, Corn Snake, Betta Fish and a Dumpy Tree Frog to our science area.  The students have enjoyed learning about each pet.  They learned interesting facts, safety information, and how to care for and feed each pet.  Within the first three weeks after “Autumn” our pet snake moved in, the kids were able to witness as she shed her skin.  WOW!  What an experience!


Thanks for your support!


Darla Jackson & the Pre-K Class




On behalf of the grade 6 students at ICS, I would like to express our appreciation for this “Pets in the Classroom Grant Certificate.”  This grant has made it possible for the students to study and care for African Cichlids, a very rewarding fish for the students to care for.  When students provide the fish the correct environment the fish will often change colors and spawn.  Students will then be able to observe the females carry the eggs and fry in their mouth.


Students are excited every day to observe and care for the fish in their assigned week.  In many classes and subject areas, we are able incorporated and apply our little ecosystem to the larger ecosystem outside our classroom.


Thank-you for making this possible.


Fred Folkerts




We are very appreciative of your support of our Guinea pigs Jack and Angela.  Through this grant, we were able to offset the cost of a few months supply of food and hay.  By saving these costs, we are able to provide more educational supplies and materials to our students.  We also used the curriculum you provided in the classroom, which helped us get our students more involved with our Guinea pigs.  They learned to care for them, handle them safely, and even built obstacle course to give them exercise!  Thank you for your support of our school. 



Lani Douglas


Inman Park Cooperative Preschool



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