Last week we posted some essays that students at Sacred Heart School in Boone, Iowa wrote on the benefits of having pets in the classroom.  Well, we couldn’t just share a few!  Here are more essays:


It’s been a really good and fun experience to have a class pet. At times our Daisy can be a little distracting,  because she goes to the same corner and chews on her ball. When she chews on it, the ball makes a clicking sound. Daisy is usually sleeping though so she isn’t that distracting. She makes the class room more lively, and I think she makes everyone happy. We do so much with Daisy that its more like she is a fellow student rather than a class pet.


~ Tyler



Our classroom pet is the best pet ever!  Daisy, our European brown bear hamster, is the best hamster I have ever seen.  I know that’s a hyperbole, but it is true our hamster is awesome.    


Our hamster is helping to improve our reading skills – such as reading fluency. Our teacher lets us sit out in the hall with Daisy (which of course she is in her ball so she doesn’t run away) so we can read our books to her.  


Daisy has a fun little attitude. She is fun to have around and is always energetic and keeps us thinking, What will she do next?  That is why daisy is fun pet to have around.  


~ Ryan


Having a classroom pet has been a good experience for my class.  Not only is it fun to play with our hamster, Daisy, we use her to learn and participate in class as well.  During Literacy, we usually read for the first fifteen minutes of class.  During this time, one of us sits in the hallway with Daisy and reads aloud to her to practice fluency.  Other times, she is the subject of our journal writings.  We have also learned about being responsible.  On some weekends, one student takes Daisy home along with her cage and hamster ball and has to bring her back on Monday.  We also allow Daisy to roll around on the floor in her ball while we’re working, so we have to keep track of where she is and make sure the doors are closed so she won’t roll down the hallway.  Sometimes we get to hold Daisy, so we have to be careful when handling her.


So those are the reasons that classrooms should have a class pet, aside from that it’s fun!  I can’t speak for everyone else, but I think it’s nice to have Daisy around.  It is amusing to watch her roll in her ball and go up and down the tubes.  I encourage other classrooms to try out getting a class pet as well!


~ Emma



Daisy is a great pet hamster.  She is very useful in our classroom.  Everyday one person practices their fluency with her. We go out into the hallway, and read a book to her.  It really helps your fluency because you read out loud, and you understand what you’re reading.  Daisy is also a nice pet to have around.  She is fun to have in our classroom.


Daisy likes to escape a lot.  She has escaped more than once, but we have found her every time.  Sometimes, she’s so quiet we don’t hear what she is doing, or where is she’s at.


Every other weekend someone who has a signed permission slip, takes her home.  Daisy sometimes could be a distraction if we let her, but she gets to go to her cage when that happens. She is a very cute and cuddly European Brown Bear.


~ Ateng



I like having Daisy as a class pet. She makes school livelier, and she makes everyone happier.  Until she pees on you, then you have a grudge with her. Just kidding.  Mrs. Runestad takes care of that so we don’t have to worry about it.


She has peed on only two people and has escaped about four times. She likes to chew out of her ball, and even tries to escape from her cage.  She has gotten really smart and is still getting smarter. Daisy likes being read aloud to, and while we do that, we practice our fluency!                     


Daisy is very small, cute, and soft, and she can fit in tight places. She is very curious too. My classmates said she is a lot more curious when you take her home. Every class gets to have her and everyone loves her.


Having a class pet makes school more fun and interesting. I think every school should get a class pet. Just make sure they don’t escape.


~ Tristan

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