Can you believe a new school year has already started?  Did you introduce a classroom pet to your students yet?  If you have to purchase a classroom pet or  are waiting for the new school year to settle down before introducing your pet, here are a couple of ideas on how to incorporate one into your lesson plans


Introducing pets to your classroom.

If you have yet to pick out a classroom pet, get your students involved!  Have them create a proposal as to why they should have a classroom pet and what type of pet to get.  They can review classroom and school policies to make sure a pet will fit within the guidelines.  They can also research the costs of keeping a pet as well as the ongoing care the pet will need. You could even create a contact that lists the students’ pet care responsibilities and have them sign it.


An additional idea as to how to introduce a pet into the classroom is to invite a guest speaker to come talk to your class about your chosen pet.  Your guest speaker could be a veterinarian, local pet store manager, animal rescue worker, zoo keeper, or other animal expert.  Brainstorm with your studentsahead of time on questions to ask the speaker.  Have the speaker talk about what your pet likes, how it should be cared for, and the health concerns and treatments of the pet that the students should be aware of.


What are your ideas on how to introduce a classroom pet?   If you have great ideas that you would like to share, please post them on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google + page! And don’t forget to apply for a Pets in the Classroom grant if you haven’t already done so!

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