The months of November and December are always a hectic time in the classroom with parties and programs on the calendar, grading and special activities to prepare, and the rising energy level of students to contend with.  In the midst of all that’s going on, don’t forget to make special arrangements for your classroom pet’s Holiday vacation.


Classroom pet>An obvious choice would be to have the classroom pet stay with you, the teacher, as you know that you will provide  appropriate and reliable care for the pet throughout the break.  However, this isn’t always possible as many teachers have vacation plans or other reasons that the pet cannot come home with them.


If you have had your pet since the beginning of the school year or longer, you should be quite familiar with your pet’s behaviors, habitat, food and water requirements, exercise requirements and level of interaction with people.  If you haven’t done so already, create a care log book for your classroom pet that includes feeding and cleaning instructions, veterinarian information and observations on behavior.  This can be a valuable tool when a student’s family or someone else is caring for your classroom pet during the holiday break.


Try not to disrupt your pet too much by moving it from home to home.  Pets can be sensitive to changes in environment and routine, and it is best to keep things as consistent as possible.  Your classroom pet brings a lot of love and positive things throughout the school year, so keep it safe and take the time to plan for the best possible care for your classroom pet’s little vacation.

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