Pets in the Classroom teacher kidsAt Pets in the Classroom, we don’t just love animals.  We also look forward, every day, to giving teachers the unique opportunity to educate their students in a fun and interactive way.  We believe that by incorporating your class pet into your curriculum, your students will easily develop a genuine interest to learn.  Try bringing pets into your English or Art lessons for a unique experience, and don’t be afraid to get creative.


Taking your kids on a trip to the library is a great way to spark an interest in reading.  You’ll find a wide variety of books – fiction and non-fiction, based on your classroom pet for students to share with their peers.  They’ll get an early start on doing research and have fun finding new stories of animals just like theirs.


You can also have your students write their own stories about their pet.  Have them tell how they’d spend a day out with their new friend, or write daily journal entry’s about its life in the classroom.  Help them find different ways of describing their pet to make each assignment even more interesting.   By doing this, your students will be able to use their imagination while working on critical English skills.


Want to get even more creative?  Have your class illustrate pictures of their pet on a regular basis as a way to record its growth and change over time.  Try having them create an image with markers or crayons and another with paint.  Experimenting with different materials is a great way to get your students familiar with art.  Encourage them to use lots of different colors and details to make their images stand out.


Another great creative project is to have your students create collages of pictures and facts about their animal.  This is a great way for them to express themselves while having fun incorporating their new friend.  Have each child present their collage to the rest of the class, and you’ll be subtly building an early foundation for public speaking.


Pets in the Classroom is dedicated to providing teachers with new fun and interactive learning opportunities.  Whether you decide on adopting a goldfish or a guinea pig, your class pet will help inspire creativity and learning in students of all ages.  Fill out an application online, and let us help you take the first step.


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