With the school year  winding down and summer about to begin, teachers may think now is not a great time to get  a classroom pet.  Well, now may not be a great time to incorporate your pet into the classroom, but it is a great time to get the pet and get acclimated with it!  If you have considered the different classroom pet options and are simply waiting for the new school year to begin before applying for your grant, don’t delay!  The summer months will give you the chance to get to know your new pet, its habits, its needs, and its character.  That way, when the new school year rolls around, you will be confident in your ability to transition the pet into the classroom and won’t have the added stress of getting to know a new animal while you work on getting to know all of the new faces in your class.  Plus, if you get your pet now, you can apply for the sustaining grant for the new school year and receive help with paying for supplies (you can  apply for one grant per school year).


Learn more about the various grant options or apply for a grant by visiting https://www.petsintheclassroom.org/grant-app/.

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