Art class can be so fun and a great outlet for kids to express their creativity.  Incorporating your classroom pet into your art lessons can be an additional way to grow the bonds your students have with your pet while also encouraging creative thought and developing other skills.

Pets in the Classroom mouseHave your students sketch your pet over a period of time using different methods – colors, pencil, markers, paint.  By experimenting with a variety of materials with the same subject, your students will become more familiar with art and the details of your pet.

Another option is to have your students focus on drawing the pet but assigning different details for them to focus on.  One time, have them draw the pet in different positions in its environment.  The next time, have them draw the pet a different facial expression.  Then have then draw the pet with a background that expresses what the student thinks would fit the pet’s personality.  This exercise will help the students to use their creativity while learning more about the pet and its environment and personality.

Collages are a great project that can be appropriate for a variety of grade levels.  Have your students make collages using pictures that tell about your classroom pet.  Set parameters for the assignment according to your students’ skill level and let the fun begin!

How do you incorporate your classroom pet into your art classes?  Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page:  And if you don’t have a classroom pet, now is the time to get one!  Visit the Pets in the Classroom website to apply for your no-hassle grant today!


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