Classroom pets are fun, interesting, and entertaining to your students.  And they are also a tool teachers can use to help make education exciting!  Take Intermediate Classroom 1 at The Auburn School in Baltimore, MD.  They had a classroom pet for one day and sent us a thank you letter informing us of all kinds of wonderful information about their beloved bearded dragon:


We are writing to thank you for the chance to have a bearded dragon as a pet in our classroom!  Yesterday was the first day he spent with us and we already love him so much!  We wanted to tell you what we have learned so far about his habitat, his diet and water, the lamps and temperature of his terrarium, how to hold him, his personality and habitats, and – finally – we want to tell you his name!


Our bearded dragon’s habitat is hot and dry.  There is no water in his bowl because the crickets (his food) will drown.  There is a carpet, but there is no sand because he may eat it.  He has a hollow log to sleep in and a stick to bask on.  He has two lamps.  The first lamp gives him UV light, just like the sun.  The second lamp gives basking light and makes the bearded dragon warm.  Our bearded dragon eats crickets and salad, and he may eat worms and cockroaches too.  He cannot eat fireflies – they are poisonous to him.  We found out that he will not eat if he is full or scared.


We’ve learned that we should never force a bearded dragon to do something we want him to do.  We also never scare him because he gets scared easily.  Our bearded dragon’s tail goes up when he is scared, so we know when to let him rest.  We will never hurt or squeeze him.  He looks hard and is covered with spikes, but he may still be fragile.


Our bearded dragon has many funny habits.  We noticed that he likes to lick his basking stick.  He may not like the pellets we gave him because he went to the bathroom next to them in his food bowl.  During a lesson we all noticed him waving at us over and over!


We thought of so many great names, but needed to decide the most appropriate name for our bearded dragon.  We were nice and cooperated with each other and didn’t say things like, “The name I chose stays!”  We voted to find the top two names and finally named our bearded dragon… Mr. Todd Draco Auburn, because Auburn is the name of our school.


Thank you again for our pet!


Intermediate Classroom 1

The Auburn School


What information have your students learned about your classroom pet?  Share your stories with us on our Facebook page!  And if you don’t have a classroom pet yet and are planning on getting one, be sure to apply for our teacher grant!

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