Classroom pets can be wonderful aids in the classroom by providing an example for teachers to build curriculum  around.  They help make learning exciting when they are included in reading, writing, math, and science lessons.  But they do more than that – they also benefit the students emotionally:


Thank you so much for the $50 grant.  It helps me so much toward feeding my snake, bird and hamster  The students enjoy the animals so much!  We are a school for emotionally handicapped children.  The pets have such a calming effect on each student.  I appreciate that you care about our pets and children!


Jennifer NeSmith


Thank you for your continued support to my classroom pets.  The kids LOVE having and helping me with the classroom pets.  They are great therapy for other students throughout the building as well!  Thank you for your generous grant. 


Aaron Bitsford & Kids


I was fortunate enough to receive three Glo Fish from the program.  I work in the Recovery Room in an elementary school.  Many students who enter my room are agitated, angry, upset, or acting out.  I cannot express in words how much the Glo Fish have done for my students.  I have only had them for one week and so far that has been a calming tool for several children.  I also use feeding them as a reward that students are eligible to earn.  Thank you so much for what you do and know that you are making a difference in the lives of children each and every day!


Lara Bordner

Recovery Room Interventionist

Hawthorn Elementary School


If you believe in the value of pets in the classroom, please help us spread the word about our grant to your teacher friends. Also, consider donating to the program so that we can continue providing this invaluable tool to teachers across the country!


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