As you prepare for a new school year, you may be thinking of getting a new classroom pet and considering the different options that are available.  Here are a few recommendations from Pets in the Classroom.


classroom petGuinea Pigs – Gentle and social creatures, Guinea pigs are ideal for small children as they are typically comfortable being handled and are relatively easy to take care of.


classroom petBearded Dragons – Bearded Dragons are great beginner pets that are extremely gentle by nature. They are small, allow regular handling, and eat a wide variety of foods.


Betta FishFish – If you are wary about getting an animal that the students will want to hold and take out of its cage, fish are a great alternative.  Aquariums tend to be soothing and make a great addition to the classroom.


classroom pet snakeSnakes – Certain snakes can make great classroom pets. Beginner snakes like the corn snake come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, are docile, and generally grow to about 3-5 feet. Plus, with the proper equipment, housing and caring for a snake in the classroom tends to be fairly easy.


classroom pet ratFancy Rats – Fancy Rats are highly intelligent and can learn simple tricks, which can provide a lot of entertainment and bonding time with the students.  Fancy Rats also tend to be calm, but love to play and interact.


pet hermit crabHermit Crabs – Hermit crabs make an unusual and very interesting classroom pet. Hermit Crabs are easy to handle and are quite social. In fact, they prefer the company of other “hermies” to be at their happiest.


If you are considering getting a classroom pet, please research your pet options carefully and decide which animal is best for your classroom environment.  You can learn more about each pet option by clicking on the animal name, or visit our Classroom Pet Resources blog post for additional places to gather information.  And when you have decided on your pet, be sure to apply for your Pets in the Classroom Grant to help aid you in your purchase!


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