Back to schoolThe Pets in the Classroom Program will begin taking applications for the 2016-17 school year August 1st!  Please note that the application form will look slightly different this year as we are using a new database to process the applications. Because of this, and due to the overwhelming number of applications we process in the first month or two of the program, PLEASE be patient if you need assistance. Most of the information you need can be found in detail on our website. Another change you may notice is that we are now requiring both your home and school address and contact information so that we can better distribute the necessary information and materials to you.


Please remember that if you have received a store grant or rebate grant in the past, you will ONLY be eligible for a sustaining grant this school year and in subsequent years.


Thank you for participating in the Pets in the Classroom program, and we hope you have a fantastic upcoming school year!

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