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Character-Building Lesson Plans

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Google Having a classroom pet opens up opportunities for incorporating your exciting little friend into lesson plans and curriculum.  Kids love projects that incorporate their favorite classroom creature, and teachers have told us that their classroom pets have motivated and inspired students to improve their skills in many areas. But classroom pets do more than

Teachers as Role Models

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Google The blossom cannot tell what becomes of its odor, and no person can tell what becomes of his or her influence and example. Henry Ward Beecher   Pets in the Classroom knows that you, as a teacher, invest a lot of time and effort into shaping your students through lesson plans, curriculum, and other

A Teacher’s Perspective – Miss Eberhart

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Pets in the Classroom The Kindergarten class of Sulpher Springs School is learning valuable life lessons thanks to teacher Erin Eberhart and a grant she received.  Through the Pet Care Trust, Eberhart received a Pets in the Classroom grant, which helps her fund her classroom pet guinea pig, Gertie.  And she has seen the positive

Classroom Pets – Teaching Children about Responsibility

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One of the many benefits of classroom pets is that having one teaches children about responsibility.  Yes, almost any classroom job can help teach a student about responsibility, but having to care for another living being provides an element of importance and honor that most any student will respond to.  As Gail F. Melson, Ph.D. and