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The Influence of a Teacher, and the Classroom Pet

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“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” ~Henry Adams   As teachers, you know that your influence can be far beyond what you anticipate.  Your actions and words can have a great impact on a student’s character, actions, and ambition.  Did you know that a classroom pet can affect a

Life Lessons from Guinea Pigs Cuddles and Bubbles

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In our last blog post, we told you about Kristin Shanley, a science teacher at Bethune Community School in North Minneapolis, and her experience with her classroom pets. Well, Shanley had so many great things to say that we thought we would share a bit more of her experience with you and the lessons her

Supporting Teachers with Classroom Pets

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We hear first-hand from teachers about the many benefits of classroom pets.  And there are many.  We provide grants to teachers to purchase classroom pets because these benefits better the lives of students as well as the teacher in ways that might not be possible without our grant for financial support.  Just take a look…