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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued a notice attributing an outbreak of human Salmonella infections to contact with pet bearded dragons. You can read the complete CDC notice at

Some of our retail partners have temporarily suspended sales of bearded dragons during the CDC’s investigation. If you are applying for a bearded dragon grant, please contact your local pet retailer in advance to see if they currently have the animals available.

Please note that anyone in contact with reptiles of any kind should take precautions against Salmonella transmission. This is especially true for children. The CDC has published recommendations for those in contact with pet reptiles on how to safely handle the animals to minimize the risk of disease transmission:

News for Pets in the Classroom

One of the goals of the Pet Care Trust is to help educate the public and members of the pet industry. Information related to the Pet Care Trust Research, Special Projects and Education Programs are sent to the pet industry journals, to species specific journals and newsletters, to hobby group newsletters and to veterinary medical related newsletters and journals.

If your companion animal publication would like to receive articles for review, please email the Pet Care Trust at and describe the focus of your program and publication, along with the contact person and email address.  Or you can follow our our Blog RSS feed.

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