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News for Pets in the Classroom

One of the goals of the Pet Care Trust is to help educate the public and members of the pet industry. Information related to the Pet Care Trust Research, Special Projects and Education Programs are sent to the pet industry journals, to species specific journals and newsletters, to hobby group newsletters and to veterinary medical related newsletters and journals.

If your companion animal publication would like to receive articles for review, please email the Pet Care Trust at and describe the focus of your program and publication, along with the contact person and email address.  Or you can follow our our Blog RSS feed.

Media Contact for Pet Care Trust and Pets in the Classroom:

LuCorp Marketing
Cindy Woudenberg
Office: 480-719-8392


Download Our Latest News and Pets in the Classroom information:

Teachers Invited to Enhance Classroom through Grant Program

Overview of the Pets in the Classroom Program

Classroom Pet Options


Press Releases for the Pets in the Classroom Program:

Teachers Invited to Enhance Classroom through Grant Program

PITC Accepting Grants for 2015-16 school year

PITC AHA Study Phase I Findings

PITC Receives Silver A Award

PITC Provides Exciting Opportunities for Student Engagement

PITC Launches CrowdFunding Campaign

PITC Aids CenClear Child Services in Enhancing Classrooms

Pet Care Trust Announces New President and Changes in Board

PITC Provides 50,000 Classrooms with Educational Grants

PITC Partners with Little Five Star to Promote Gator, Gator Book 

PITC Accepting Grants for 2014-15 school year

Pet Expo Fun Results in Donation to Teacher Grant Program

PITC Correlates to Increase in Pet Ownership

PITC Offers Cure to 2nd Semester Boredom through Classroom Pets



Teachers Invited to Enhance Classroom through Grant Program