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Do you believe in the value of pets and the positive impact they can have on children?

It’s hard to explain how a turtle or a rabbit helps a child learn to read or do math. But it happens, every day in the classrooms where The Pet Care Trust has made a grant. Classroom pets provide opportunities for learning, improve school attendance, and develop strong human-animal bonds. They encourage nurturing and build self- esteem. Pets in the Classroom grant recipients have confirmed that having a classroom pet has a big impact on their students. Are you willing to help make a difference in the lives of students?

My students come from very poor, rough neighborhoods and homes. When school first started six weeks ago, I had to write multiple referrals per day for violent acts. Since Ella the Guinea Pig came to share our classroom, I have not [had] any violent acts and the noise level has gone way down because they don’t want her to be frightened. They beg their families to let them bring a carrot stick from home or they ask me if they can save part of their lunch to share with her. The best part is watching the empathy they developed for Ella begin to transfer to their peers. Ella has done something in four weeks that I may or may not have been able to do all year.”

Marie Roberts, Prime Prep Academy, Fort Worth, Texas

“A phenomenal opportunity to bring a pet into our 7th grade science classroom. There were many opportunities throughout the year to reinforce responsible pet ownership along with the understanding of maintaining a license to own our corn snake. The students watched him grow and became a companion to many students. It was inspiring to watch the students, at first apprehensive, become much more understanding of the gentleness of a snake. It is absolutely beautiful.”

Mr. Josh Langenberger, Howell Memorial Middle School, Freehold, NJ

We are over halfway to reaching our goal of helping 5 million students experience the joy of a companion animal at school. Can you help us with the funding to reach our goal? 

A gift of any amount makes a difference:

$5           can introduce one student to animal companions

$25         can provide four months of pet supplies for a classroom

$100       can support one pet in a classroom for one school year

$500       can bring over 150 students the joy of animal companionship

People like you can make the difference in classrooms all around America and Canada. No matter the amount, your donation will go directly to brightening a child’s day as they walk into their classroom. Take it from Ms. Roberts and Mr. Langenberger, your contribution will not go unnoticed. Donate today.